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I promised I'll comeback with details after the portrait workshop conducted by Dinu Lazar, one of the best Romanian photographers. Photography it's quite recent a hobby for me (less then a year). Wildlife photography means a lot for me (doesn't matter the results, just being in the nature and watching the animals it's divine). Since the season it's almost done (still I'm planing a session when winter arrives) I wanted to learn and communicate more, so the next step for me was the portrait. After the workshop I learned some important stuff. Shortly:
-Even if I was against editing images, you can and you should correct them (since I'm working in advertising probably my dtp guys -image editing- complained too much and influenced me..:)
-Helicon filter is a great tool.
-Any light is good and you can do miracles without shooting in a studio.
-Image composition it's very important
-Be creative, don't follow the rules (but you better know them)
I will comeback with more details, for the moment some images I took today (Getty, Corbis style). Nothing creative, just practicing retouching with Helicon

(This one reminds me of Angelina Jolie. Btw, kudos to the model, Erika, she's one of the best)

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Portraits III


Monday, 29 October 2007

Portraits II

Beautiful kids (abandoned) in Valea Plopului Romania. They need all the support they can get

Valea Plopului Romania: This is Rafael
Shooting mode : manual
Shutter speed : 1/160
AV: 4.0
Focal : 105 mm

This is Flori
Shooting mode : manual
Shutter speed : 1/20
AV: 4.0
Focal : 50 mm
Canon 50mm 1/8

This is Elena
Shooting mode : manual
Shutter speed : 1/40
AV: 4.0
Focal : 105 mm
Canon 24-105 mm

Valea Plopului Romania, : This is Bebe
Shooting mode : manual
Shutter speed : 1/25
AV: 4.0
Focal : 50 mm
Canon 50mm 1/8

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Wildlife photography II: White&black

A lesson I learned after several sessions :white and black photography can be used for wildlife images as well.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Wildlife photography part I : Danube Delta

Since I was a little boy I loved the wildlife and at a certain moment I was dreaming about doing movies/documentaries...
After many years I finally bought myself a camera and I started making pictures. The images bellow are from my first photo-session taken in Danube Delta, Romania. It's a bird paradise (more then 350 species) and a beautiful place. Unfortunately, even if the area is a reservation, protected by UNESCO, the birds habitat it's affected each day by the human presence (fishing, tourism, agriculture and poaching). Nobody seems to care, not even the ones who should protect this area. As a statistic the number of pelicans decreased with almost 50% in the last 10 years.


Sunday, 7 October 2007

Gothic requiem

Thanks to the model, a big Nightwish fan (with Tarja:)

Muntii Macin

N-au nici 500 de metri, dar sunt de o frumusete tulburatoare.
Din nefericire, amprenta lasata de oameni se vede peste tot. Desi Mtii Macinului sunt un parc natural protejat prin lege, interesele economice, de fapt sa o spunem pe aia dreapta, SPAGILE, au permis unei companii germane sa deschida noi cariere de piatra intr-un mod abuziv. Muntele este mancat la propriu. Solutia gasita de autotitatile noastre la pretentiile germanilor... pur si simplu a fost mutata granita parcului a.i. germanii sa distruga muntele nestingheriti...
Cum s-ar spune in film....ze germans arrived...

Dimineata de toamna

Vremurile de odinioara...