Sunday, 4 November 2007


I promised I'll comeback with details after the portrait workshop conducted by Dinu Lazar, one of the best Romanian photographers. Photography it's quite recent a hobby for me (less then a year). Wildlife photography means a lot for me (doesn't matter the results, just being in the nature and watching the animals it's divine). Since the season it's almost done (still I'm planing a session when winter arrives) I wanted to learn and communicate more, so the next step for me was the portrait. After the workshop I learned some important stuff. Shortly:
-Even if I was against editing images, you can and you should correct them (since I'm working in advertising probably my dtp guys -image editing- complained too much and influenced me..:)
-Helicon filter is a great tool.
-Any light is good and you can do miracles without shooting in a studio.
-Image composition it's very important
-Be creative, don't follow the rules (but you better know them)
I will comeback with more details, for the moment some images I took today (Getty, Corbis style). Nothing creative, just practicing retouching with Helicon

(This one reminds me of Angelina Jolie. Btw, kudos to the model, Erika, she's one of the best)

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Anonymous said...

super seria de portrete!felicitari